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FROM THE DESK OF DONNA KOSIOROWSKI Re: Letter to Your Legislator on Behalf of School Nurses

Posted 12 months ago

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Dear School Nurses:

You know better than anyone the challenges all school nurses in Connecticut faced during COVID and the challenges ahead when school reopens. Now is the time to promote school nurses and our profession with decision makers so that school nurses achieve equality with our school colleagues (social workers, speech and language pathologists, counselors, psychologists and, yes, teachers). Too many years have passed since the original qualifications for school nurses were written in 1982, unchanged as we move into 2021-22. ASNC has been working on your behalf for over 30 years and we need the help of all school nurses to achieve our continued goal of parity with all school professionals. We hear you when you talk low salaries and inability to participate in benefits offered to your school partners.

The intent of this communication is to ask that you share the school nurse story with your elected officials so they understand the real issues. The intent of this communication is to ask that you use your voice to move school nursing from 1982 into 2021-22. If others such as families and students can support you, even better as combined voices make a difference.

Why contact your elected officials? They are there to serve you, their constituent. They often do not understand your role despite making the laws school nurses must implement.

  • Let them get the facts from you not from those who have no understanding of you and your profession.
  • Let them know your personal stories and experiences not just during COVID but always. That special child or family you helped because of who you are as a school nurse. That challenge that you solved that made a difference.

It is the hope of ASNC that you use the information we post and contact your legislators. Let them know you are able and willing to help not only for yourself but those children and families you serve. Attached to this announcement is a template that may be used to guide your personal communication with your legislators.

If we can help with questions or a better understanding of our history and future plans, feel free to contact me at

We can’t do this without you!

“ If not us, who? If not now, when? ” — John F. Kennedy