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Posted 7 months ago

Does your school system have extra PPE or ideas or success stories in being able to attain PPE?
Please see the communication below from Kimberly Sandor, Executive Director for the Connecticut Nurse's Association, sent to School Nurse Supervisors, to find out how to help out!

Dear School Nurse Supervisors,

I hope you are doing as well as possible during these challenging and uncertain times.

As health care professionals I know you have heard the desperate call for PPE from your health care colleagues

We are asking for some info about school districts and PPE, and would love to hear from you and maybe inspire each other!

I look forward to hearing from you!

1. Please share any strategies on finding PPE in the school system

2. Share any strategies or success stories for collecting and disseminating PPE

3. If you have not heard about PPE being collected in your district, consider checking in with your Superintendents to find out if they could put a call out for PPE – if you have technical schools or health programs – they may have a supply!

 We hope that the pipeline fills back up, but right now there is an immediate critical need in health care settings.

Some information about what and how to donate can be found below!

PPE Donations can be co- ordinated through here

Department of Public Health:

211 Infoline:  Members of the public, businesses, and philanthropic organizations that are able to donate these vital materials are urged to contact the state by filling out the online form located at

Thank you Kim!!!





Kimberly A. Clear Sandor, MSN, RN, FNP

Executive Director

Connecticut Nurses’ Association