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Legislative Update

Posted 6 months ago by Donna Kosiorowski

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School Nurses- We are in the midst of the legislative session.  I am sharing bills I am following.  The stance is my personal stance although ASNC has been consulted.  How a Bill Becomes a Law is helpful in demonstrating the legislative process

HB 5170- Requires the word" voluntarily" be eliminated for glucagon administration.  Nurses know that delegation requires the person to be willing and able to perform a task or administer medication. OPPOSE

HB 5916- Requires 24 hour written notice to parents prior to vaccine administration.  Would create barrier to entry to school by delaying vaccine administration. 

Parents should receive information a the time of the visit to allow for conversation with their HCP.  OPPOSE

SB 9 Would decrease licensing fees for first time applicants and increase fees for renewals.  OPPOSE

SB 622 Workloads for Nurses- Although this bill refers to hospital nurses, it is imperative that we include school nurse work loads.